Updated on 13th June,2023

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Indian supersonic fighter developed by ADA.
Indian supersonic fighter developed by ADA.
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Dhanush Missile of DRDO, 26/01/2020
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India buys Dausalt fighter from france
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The Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) platform
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Awac developed by DRDO
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Radar TCR developed by LRDE Bangalore, displayed at Republic Day parade 2020
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Pinaka is a multibarrel rocket launch (MBRL) system used by the Indian Army.
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In mid-April, Dassault Aviation delivered a third ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft (PATMAR) modernized to Standard 6 to the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA).


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Govt cancels massive anti-tank guided missile deal with Israel, asks DRDo to 'make in india'


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