Pakistan hacks drone technology

Can force it to land
Ashraf Ansari

Islamabad—Pakistan has been able to hack drone technology to the extent that it can now command transgressing drone to land in Pakistan, An unmanned US Predator drone flies over Kandahar in southern Afghanistan

reliable sources told Pakistan Observer.

This achievement by Pakistan is utmost significant amid desperate scenario that emerged as a result of attacks inside Pakistan by the United States CIA operated drones despite persistent calls from Islamabad for end to such provocations.

Experts in Pakistan believe that the only positive aspect of the 2 May Abbottabad episode relating to the killing of Osama bin Laden was reported crashing of a Stealth helicopter. Pakistani experts seemed to have become aware for the first time, of the fact that there was Stealth helicopters besides Stealth aeroplanes. They are believed to have been able to decode or decipher the programming and sensitive technology applied to making and operationalisation of Stealth air-machines.

Sources said the knowledge gained by Pakistanis from the wreckage of Stealth helicopter secured from Abbotabad might have helped the Pakistani experts in developing insight about the programming and remote controlling of the CIA operated drones. This critical technological insight led Pakistani experts to decode sensitive gadgetry of the drones.

When asked about the impact of Pakistan’s newly acquired capability to safely bring the violating CIA operated drones to ground on Pakistan soil, the experts minced no words and said exuberantly that Pakistan had come into possession of a trump card in terms of strategic imperatives. Through newly acquired technological capability, Pakistani experts would also be able to decode intricate gadgetry of new generation of weapons being developed by the US.

Pakistan achieved marvelous success in decoding of stealth and drone gadgetries on the heals of downing in Iran of a US drone on 8 December. Iran refused to succumb to US pressure for the return of the drone despite call by President Obama to his Iranian counterpart Ahmedi Nejad.